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Don’t Fail to Plan When Selling Your Home

By : Jason Deines
Remember the first time you saw your home? Remember how it felt to move in and make it yours? Adding the finishing touches, planting flowers, or relaxing on the patio can be one of the most satisfying moments in home ownership. Homes are much like their owners, they take on the personality of the individuals whom occupy them adding a special uniqueness to them. Homes are places where families are raised and memories are made, good and bad. The longer you remain in a home the more attached you become. Emotions are a powerful part of our being and overcoming them or putting them aside can prove difficult. That is why having a plan in place to sell your home is important.

To get started with your plan you should do your best to put any emotional attachment aside. Developing the plan to sell your home depends greatly on making rational decisions, decisions based on logic not emotion.

Getting Started

Now that your emotions have been put in check, it is time to step back and take a good look at your home. As you look over your home take note of the pluses and minuses, write them down. Are there things that need to be fixed? If you were considering buying the home, is there anything that you would like to see different? By putting yourself in the shoes of the buyer you can develop a good strategy and "to do" list on projects to tackle for improving the quality of your home as well as increasing the return on your investment.

Additional considerations include; have the carpets cleaned even if the carpet needs replaced. If the carpet needs replaced consider holding off and offering an incentive to home buyers that you will cover part of the cost for replacement. This allows the buyer to pick the type and color of the carpet.

Tips on Selling Your Home

- The first thing that real estate agents and potential home buyers are going to see is the front yard, so make sure it is mowed, trimmed and looking nice.

- A fresh paint job can go along ways in making your home look more appealing, inside and out.

- Remove any pets and pet smells if you have them.

- Remove the clutter from your home, this includes the back yard. Make your home look as spacious as possible.

- When realtors are showing your home have some freshly baked cooking sitting on the counter or a pleasant smelling candle burning.

- Make yourself scarce when your home is being shown to potential home buyers. It adds pressure when you are around so go for a walk.

Consider Location When Selling Your Home

Many potential home buyers may be new to the area. Having a list of local amenities could prove useful. For example; walking paths, parks, local shopping, good coffee, dry cleaning, and anything else that you found helpful.

When selling your home it is a good idea to also sell the neighborhood your home is in. If the schools in your area are exceptional then make sure every person that has kids looking at your home knows it.

Selling your home can be a stressful time but the better prepared you are the more likely you will sell your home quickly and with the fewest surprises. Buying your home was an investment that provided many more rewards than simply monetary gain. When selling your home, approach it as liquidating your investment and getting a good return on your investment.
Jason Deines is a life long resident of Boise, Idaho and provides real estate information on the Boise Idaho Real Estate Market for both buyers and sellers. Visit to get started.

By : Jason Deines    99 or more times read
Selling a new home versus an older home has it own set of challenges. Normally with older homes owners need to spend time and money making minor to moderate repairs before putting the home on the market. Sporadically, there are major repairs that need to be addressed before this can be done or there needs to be some concession in price. With newer homes this is unusual. Things are usually still in fine condition; paint is new, the carpet is not worn, and things aren’t falling apart. When selling your new home your efforts will need to be focused elsewhere.

Determine Minimum Selling Price

If you are selling a new home then chances are something unanticipated has happened. Most families stay in a home for a long period of time before selling so they build equity and pay down the mortgage. Real estate is a wonderful investment because typically over time its worth appreciates. Unfortunately if the home is new then it is likely that not much equity has built up while still having a high mortgage balance. No homeowner wants to experience a loss when selling their home so in cases like this it is important to determine what your minimum selling price is. Take into account mortgage payoff, closing costs, realtor commission, and any other fees that are tied to selling. Depending on the real estate market you may not make a bundle on the deal but at least you won’t lose your shirt.

Preparing Your Home

Even though your home is in good conditions don’t neglect the small stuff. Take the time to thoroughly clean the inside of your home and remove as much clutter and debris as possible. Do this on the exterior as well, trim and mow the lawn and cut back any over grown bushes and shrubs. Make your property look good, inside and out. Since you may not have the flexibility in negotiating price you are going to have to do everything you can to get the most out of it. The price, condition, and amenities are going to be the focus of selling your home.

What Are Your Homes Strengths

Sit down and put together a list of your homes strengths and amenities, such as; hardwood floors, granite counter tops, new furnace, new roof, and so on. Take pictures and include the information on a flyer. When selling a new home you can expect to get more money because it is in good condition but if your profit/loss margin is narrow you need to emphasize the strengths your home has to offer. Go beyond the home itself and look at the schools and neighborhood. Anything that can be a selling point should be considered and find resourceful ways to present this information to buyers.

Develop a Marketing Plan

As you draw closer to putting your home on the market you may consider using a local real estate agent. In this case he or she will take care of the marketing for you but if by chance you can’t afford to utilize their services you will be forced to market the home yourself. To get started, place a “for sale” sign in your yard along with a color flyer with pictures and high points of your home. Contact the local newspaper and take out an ad. Post your listing on real estate sites on the internet and lastly, tell as many people as you know that your home is up for sale.

Hold an open house as often as you can and expect potential buyers to bring representation so be prepared to work with at least one agent. Stage your home so it takes on a warm cozy feel and make your home appear spacious.

Yes, there are hurdles to overcome when selling a new home but it is not by any means impossible. Know what to expect and plan accordingly and you will be able to get through this while getting the best price possible for your home. provides resources, tips, and information for homeowners looking to Sell Boise Idaho Real Estate.
By : Mike Andruff    99 or more times read
Real estate experts often tout the importance of curb appeal when it comes to selling your home, but usually their advice only relates to open houses that are held during spring or summer months. This is the time when flowers are in full bloom and sunlight bathes your property in a warm glow. What are sellers to do in late fall and winter, when skies are gray and the trees have lost all their foliage?

Dreary overcast days, brown and withered gardens, muddy walking paths, and drizzling skies do not make for an inviting scene. While buyers don't expect a miracle when they visit your home in the winter, they do expect your property to be in its best possible condition under the circumstances.

To get your home ready for a host of winter open houses, start by cleaning up. Rake up fallen leaves, pick up any trash, and put away all gardening tools and toys that may be strewn about. On a dry day, give your grass a quick haircut to give the whole yard a trim and uniform appearance. Hopefully you won't have left painting the house until the rainy season, but if you have, just look after the trim, front door, and any spots that desperately require some attention.

To brighten up the outdoors, add a pretty set of wind chimes and a cheerful looking bird feeder. You'll not only create a homier atmosphere, but you'll be doing the birds a big favour as well.

Place potted plants by the front door to welcome your guests and draw their attention to the house. Poinsettias are perfect for the job, as their bright red leaves and rich green leaves add spark and seasonal cheer to any space.

To make your garden more robust-looking through the colder months, plant evergreen trees and shrubs. Late fall is a perfect time to plant these year-round beauties, as they require lots of moisture during their first few months in the ground. Evergreens include various species of Fir, Verbena, Maple, Alder, Ash, Spruce, Pine, and English holly.

Drape white or clear Christmas lights around trees, or around the frame of your house. The gentle twinkle of white lights will instantly add a touch of magic to the winter landscape, and make your home seem warm and inviting. In addition, solar powered lights lining your walkway will ensure that potential buyers will make it safely to your door if they're viewing the property after dusk.

Another great way to ensure a safe entrance is to purchase heated mats to clear ice and snow off your walkways and stairs. Able to melt a couple inches of snow per hour, these mats make it safe and easy for people to get inside the home, and also saves you the hassle of having to shovel snow.

If you have everything in your yard set up in a neat and tidy fashion and a few dashes of colour to break up the gray, your home will stand out from the dreary houses around it. If you have a fireplace, light it up so that when buyers pull up to your driveway, they'll immediately see billows of smoke rising up the chimney, beckoning them to come inside.
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By : Mark Hostetler    99 or more times read
In order to sell your house in a buyer's market, you must make your house stand out from the rest. The first way to do this is to clean your house completely. A thorough clean includes decluttering. You can use this time to get rid of clutter that isn't adding anything to your life - other than something to move aside, shove away, or trip over. This will not only enable you to stage your home more efficiently, it will also lessen the stress of having "mess" to clear away before every home showing.

Take small steps to decluttering. Focus on getting a single area or container decluttered at a time. This could be a counter or a drawer. It doesn't matter as long as you start and do a thorough job on that one space.

Dump everything onto a cleared space and start going through it. One pile is for things that you use and want to keep. The other pile is for things that you don't use and don't need. Be ruthless! The orange juicer that you picked up while on a health kick isn't doing you any good if you use it only once a year. You are probably not going to use the 3-year-old packets of ketchup. While that extra set of measuring spoons will come in handy if your present set get stolen by a thieving baker, they aren't likely to be. Choose a set and let the other go.

After you declutter this small space, put stuff back in an orderly fashion. In some cases, like drawers, you may find that an organizer keeps your things easily separated and accessible.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Do this with all the areas you need to de-clutter. It's best to set up some kind of schedule or plan, so you have a clear idea of what you're doing and when it's time to stop. Decluttering is a thankless task and it's easier to do if you know that you only have one bookshelf to do.

It's not enough to throw stuff out/give stuff away. You need a strategy to deal with the stuff that is going to come in. "A place for everything and everything in its place" is not just an old cliche - it's good sense.

Papers, for instance, should have their own folder. You can purchase an inexpensive file cabinet or file folder to keep track of your important papers. Papers that need to be out for whatever reason should be stored in an In/Out box, which you can buy cheaply or make out of things you already have. ASAP those papers should be filed away, out of sight.

Books need to have their own storage system. Shelves are the usual method, but boxes and drawers can also be utilized to organize books and keep them from contributing to clutter.

Toys have a home in the toy box/basket/hamper. Children's games and activities can also find a home here or on specially designated shelves. Start training your children now to put things away after they are done playing with them. Conduct a family "sweep" every day, where you spend 10 minutes straightening things up and putting things away.

Keep a box for things-that-aren't-used-often-but-are-used-often-enough-to-keep. Store this box away and see if you really use those things that often. If you find that you haven't opened the box in a year, reconsider keeping them.

Look around your house and visualize it as you want to see it staged. Remove everything that interferes with that vision. It may be helpful for you to rent temporary storage so that the items that you do wish to keep can be safely stored away from the house. You could also use this to determine if you really miss these items or whether you'll be glad to have them back when you move.

As you gradually come closer to your goal, you will not only have staged your home as you want it, you will have removed unnecessary things from your life. This also helps you deal with the stress of selling your home and moving. provides a professional guide to Las Vegas Real Estate and the surrounding areas. For excellent agent services in the Las Vegas area, contact Mark Hostetler, your Las Vegas Realtor.
By : Jason Deines    99 or more times read
For someone that’s never sold a home before, it can be a time of stress and frustration. Fortunately, if you can remember the home buying experience for your current home you have a good idea of what you will to have to deal with. It is the home buying process in reverse.

Real Estate Market Condition

To get started selling your home you will need to determine the local market conditions. If you are selling your home because you want to versus having to it is a good idea to confirm that now is the time to sell. Housing markets fluctuate and there are times when it may be worth thousands of dollars to hold off for a few months. Of course the opposite can be true. If the local real estate market is jumping you may want to get out while the getting is good. What ever the motivation to sell your home there are some simple steps you can take to get started.

Consulting with a reputable real estate agent is a good idea and they have a large amount of knowledge and resources. Whether you have decided to use a real estate agent or not it is a good idea to consult with one concerning the local real estate market. Agents can provide you with an analysis of what the market may pay for your home, comparative market analysis. A CMA is based on similar homes that have sold and are for sale in your general area.

Real Estate Forms and Contracts

There are many contracts and forms involved when selling a home. A large amount of money is at stake and buyers are protecting themselves, the seller should as well. Know what forms and contracts are involved and what each one means. They will be referred to often, especially in the negotiation phase.

Marketing Your Home

Marketing is a key component when it comes to selling your home. A sign in the front lawn doesn’t have the same reach as the local newspaper, internet or fliers. This is probably the most expensive and time consuming part of the home selling process. If you use a real estate agent then you won’t have to worry much about the cost because it is typically covered through the real estate broker.

Don’t forget to tell neighbors, friends and family you are selling your home. Often times they may know someone that is looking and would recommend your neighborhood.

Get Your Home in Order

Take the time to prepare your home for sale. Clean up the inside as well as the outside. Your property will have a first impression and that impression is also a reflection on you and how well you maintained the property. This is a key concept when trying to get top dollar for your home.
Jason Deines is a life long resident of Boise, Idaho and provides real estate information on the Boise Idaho Real Estate Market for both buyers and sellers. Visit to get started.

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