I have been in Real estate business for more than 13 yrs and with Re/Max for last 11 yrs. I enjoy working with Re/Max team and have been a 100% club member continuously for last 10 yrs and also have been recognized as HALL OF FAME for my Proficiancy.

I have been in Massachusetts ever since I came to this country in 1985. Before coming here I was mining Engineer in India after getting the degree in science and engineering in mining. After coming here, worked in semiconductor industry for 9 yrs and at the same time completed the courses in Business and Material Management.

I am proud of my wife Shyla, who inspired me for my achievements and meeting my goals. I have two children who are settled in their life and a grand son.

I have knowledge of many Indian Languages apart from English. I enjoy reading the books and some of the books impressed me very much were   

My favorite words for one's life is  “if you loose principles for the sake of personal benefit you will ultimately loose both